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【23-24Matchweek11】AFC Bournemouth POST MATCH TACTICAL ANALYSIS~VS Man City Sat 4 Nov 2023~【Andoni Iraola】

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I want to know the reason why AFC Bournemouth defeat Man City. I also want to know Iraola’s low block style against Man City.

Hi there, I’m Sakarinyo.

In this analysis report, I will clear this issue for you.

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【23-24Matchweek11】Man City VS AFC Bournemouth ~ Sat 4 Nov 2023 ~


Result & Stats

The structure of AFC Bournemouth Block against Man City

In this game, Iraola introduced new realistic option 5-4-1 row block system below.

Iraola’s aim is to get at least 1point.  Unfortunately, his hope wasn’t come true cause of two problems.

Main Problem: Player’s role was vague

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In this game, AFC Bournemouth placed 5 defenders, but enough players became complicated their defensive tasks.

When they were conceded 1st goal, 1st defender was Scott, then Doku passed and went into box, defender’s looks confused and they couldn’t decide who was in charge of him. As a result, they were conceded 1st goal.

In order to solve this problem, they should set their defensive role man-to-man or zone style.   

In this case, Scotto should chase and defend Doku if they didn’t have any defensive low block principle.

If they want to continue using this low block structure, they should introduce zone defense and make players have responsibility of their zone to sweep.


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Iraola introduced new realistic option 5-4-1 row block system.  Obviously, this is against of his high line pressing philosophy, but also so important to get point survive relegation battle.

If they continue to use this new option, they should introduce my idea to improve this tactic.

I hope they will beat New Castle next match.

High light of this game

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