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【23-24Matchweek13】AFC Bournemouth POST MATCH TACTICAL ANALYSIS~VS Sheffield Utd Sat 25 Nov 2023~【Andoni Iraola】

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I want to know the reason why AFC Bournemouth beat Sheffield Utd. I also want to know Iraola’s new attacking option “Break through the Sheffield Utd center line.

Hi there, I’m Sakarinyo.

In this analysis report, I will clear this issue for you.

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【23-24Matchweek13】AFC Bournemouth VS Sheffield Utd ~ Sat 25 Nov 2023 ~

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Result & Stats

The New Attacking Option of AFC Bournemouth

Iraola showed us new attacking option to beat Sheffield Utd.

So far, AFC Bournemouth attack was side attack.  In fact, AFC Bournemouth‘s side attack worked well but it seemed easy for opponent to deal with because Cherry’s doesn’t have enough attacking option except that. 

In this game, Iraola introduced new option “Break through the Sheffield Utd center line”.

Let me analyze this new Iraola’s attacking tactics.

How to break through the Sheffield Utd center line?

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To introduce “break through the Sheffield Utd center line”, Iraola placed Kluivert behind Solanke.

So far, this Kluivert shadow role in charge of Billing, however Belling doesn’t have enough mobility to run into behind Solanke or success lay off with him as well.

Instead, Kluivert is superior to sprint, mobility.  In this game, when Solanke received vertical passes from behind, Kluivert supported very well and made it lay off attack.

Both WBs Tavernier and Semenyo also run into behind Solanke, these actions were so effective to penetrate Sheffield Utd defense line.    

Iraola succussed to establish new attacking option by replacing Kluivert.


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Iraola’ new attacking option is so crucial for Sheffield Utd.  If they continue to use this structure, they can survive relegation battle.

I hope they will beat Aston Villa next match.

High light of this game

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