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【23-24Matchweek2】AFC Bournemouth POST MATCH TACTICAL ANALYSIS~VS Liverpool Sat 19 Aug 2023~【Andoni Iraola】

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I want to understand reasons why AFC Bournemouth played so well in the 1st half and so bad in 2nd half.

Hi there, I’m Sakarinyo.

In this Analysis report, I will clear this issue.

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【23-24Matchweek2】AFC Bournemouth VS  Liverpool ~ Sat 19 Aug 2023~



Match up


<Building up Analysis>

First priority of Iraola’s objectives of building up is “Avoiding Liverpool’s Gegen press”. So, compare to the last match, Bournemouth didn’t use “GK Building Up”.  Instead, they sent long ball directly for front 3 guys.  Interestingly, their target man of longball was not Solanke but Semenyo.  Based on Iraola’s scouting, Semenyo’s ability of air battle is superior to Robertson.

In this building up way, Argentine DF Senesi was key player.  His excellent feed from his left leg was so accuracy and created many chances.

Phase②:Negative Transition ANALYSIS

 As I analyzed already last match, AFC Bournemouth has trouble when they lose ball.

Mainly, they have problem bellow.

<Problem: Not deal with opponent’s fast break attack>

 When AFC Bournemouth attacking, their system shifted from 4-2-3-1to 2-1-6-1.

So, when they lose possession, they don’t have any options to stop opponent’s counter attacking.

Especially, their weak zones are both sides of Rothwell and Behind of both their SBs.

Phase➂:Defense ANALYSIS

 Iraola’s philosophy of defensive phase is fast transition and hard marking.  Basically, he adapts zone defense system based on high intensity pressing and fast slide.

<Pressing ANALYSIS>

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 In this game, their pressing was well and connected to their 1st goal.

Liverpool’s building up style was 1-2-4.  In order to breaking their building up, AFC Bournemouth placed 5 players.

Sharing good pressing of AFC Bournemouth

When they retreated, they stood 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1to kill space.

The reason of their 1st conceded a goal, their pressing didn’t well and slide so late.

Also, they couldn’t catch opponents who running into box from second line.

Phase④:Positive Transition ANALYSIS

 When AFC Bournemouth wins the ball, their principal is clear.  Their 1st priority is “Winning behind opponent’s defense space”.  In this game, they tried to send longball behind their opponents.

Sakarinyo Eyes

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In this game, I was so impressed AFC Bournemouth brave playing style at Anfield.

Of course, through my analyze, there are many improving points, but same time, I found plenty of their strong points. 

 I know game of spurs will be definitely difficult game but if they can improve their problems which I analyzed in this report, I’m sure they will get bright future.

High light of this game

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