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【23-24Matchweek5】AFC Bournemouth POST MATCH TACTICAL ANALYSIS~VS Chelsea Sun 17 Sep 2023~【Andoni Iraola】

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I want to know the reason why AFC Bournemouth played well but they couldn’t win. I also curious to what are problems of this team against Chelsea.

Hi there, I’m Sakarinyo.

In this analysis report, I will clear this issue for you.

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【23-24Matchweek5】 AFC Bournemouth VS Chelsea ~ Sun 17 Sep 2023 ~


Result & Stats

Match up

What were problems of AFC Bournemouth against Chelsea?

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I analyzed this game very carefully and found many challenging points of AFC Bournemouth.

In these two problems, I extracted two which high priority to improve.

Two tactical problems of AFC Bournemouth against Chelsea

Problem①:Didn’t work pressing from the front

Problem②:Don’t have enough options when attacking.

Problem①:Didn’t work pressing from the front

 In this game, AFC Bournemouth tried to pressing from the front.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work well.  Chelsea’s IH were always free position and cherries couldn’t catch them like below.

 Because of this un matching pressing structure, Chelsea was easy to penetrate 1st line and went forward smoothly.


In order to solve this gap of pressing, I suggest define their responsible pressing players like one- one defense system. I recommend below.

Problem②:Don’t have enough options when attacking

Obviously, AFC Bournemouth has many variations to conquer both side space.  On the other hand, they don’t have enough options when they attack except side attack.  In this game, there were many counter opportunities but they couldn’t complete it even once.  If they have counter attack as an option, their scoring ability.


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No doubt Bournemouth is one of the best sides attacking team.  Their outstanding side building up against 4-2-3-1 is below.


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I am absolutely sure that Iraola’s football is so impressive.  But to win the game, sometimes they committed to winning as a soldier and commander like Jose Mourinyo. I hope they will win next match against Gunners.

High light of this game

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