2023 AFCボーンマス ENGLISH ver アンドニ・イラオラ プレミアリーグ 監督分析

【23-24Matchweek12】AFC Bournemouth POST MATCH TACTICAL ANALYSIS~VS Newcastle Sat 11 Nov 2023~【Andoni Iraola】

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I want to know the reason why AFC Bournemouth beat Newcastle. I also want to know Iraola’s building up against Newcastle.

Hi there, I’m Sakarinyo.

In this analysis report, I will clear this issue for you.

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【23-24Matchweek12】AFC Bournemouth VS Newcastle~ Sat 11 Nov 2023 ~


Result & Stats

The structure of AFC Bournemouth Building up against Newcastle high lien pressing

In this game, Iraola’s building up structure was so effective against Newcastle high lien pressing.

In this game, Newcastle did high line pressing by front3 players.  In order to capture this high line pressing, Iraola placed players like a trapezium below.

Now, let’s see AFC Bournemouth’s effective building up pattern against Newcastle front 3 pressing.

AFC Bournemouth’s effective building up pattern against Newcastle

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Step1: Create 3 VS1 and pass for WG

Step2: IH support to receive layoff

Step3: IH pass to SB

AFC Bournemouth’s escape option when they building up

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When Newcastle’s pressing well, they suddenly gave up trying build up and kick the ball in the air to Solanke.

Solanke played as a target man and layoff.  Then, IH support Solanke and tried to launch fast-break-attack.


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Iraola’s building up is automatized so that players look so easy to play building up.  If they continue to use this building up structure, they can survive relegation battle.

I hope they will beat Sheffield United FC next match.

High light of this game

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